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Roostertail's Download Section

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This is where I keep miscellaneous things that I'd like to share.

Strike Rank Counter

29 November 2018

Here's an installer package for the Strike Rank Counter.

The Strike Rank Counter is a time management assist tool for any tabletop game that uses turn time subdivision to manage action sequences. For example, in Dungeons and Dragons combat is generally divided into "rounds." Players roll "initiative" to see who goes before whom. This tool can be used to count down through initiative values and when your number comes up, you get to perform your action.

The tool uses audio prompts to let players know when the "rank" or "round" is advanced so that everyone is able to keep their attention on the action. It is set up to allow the user to set up lists of sounds so that "audio themes" can be set up for different genres or whatever.


Another feature is a system for managing music playlists. This can be used to set up background music per genre or thematically (for example, battle music or mysterious music) to help set the tone for the current state of affairs.

Strike Rank Counter documentation.

Torque 3D Conversation Editor

30 Aug 2015

Here's an installer package of my Torque 3D Conversation Editing Tool. Now you can generate TorqueScript script-object based RPG conversation nodes in a relatively easy-to-use tool.

The documentation for the tool is located here.

The base test scripts for displaying the conversation are in

Torque 3D Key Map Editor

8 Aug 2015

Here's an installer package of my Torque 3D Keymap Editing Tool. This lets you easily add, remove, and edit keymappings in the Options Dialog. It also separates the key mapping into its own file instead of leaving it in the middle of the game/scripts/gui/optionsDlg.cs script and automatically inserts an exec() call at the top of optionsDlg.cs to bring it back in.

The down side? I'm only certain it works if your options dialog script is in that exact relative location in your top-level project folder. I can change that, I suppose....

The documentation for the tool is bundled with it and is accessible from the menu at Help -> Documentation.

Unreal Engine 4 Tower Defense Sample

23 Oct 2014

Here's an executable package of Unreal Engine 4's "Strategy Sample" - the executable programs are in WindowsNoEditor/StrategyGameTest/Binaries/ under the respective Win32 or Win64 folder.

Name Generator - Moon Moon Edition

6 Jan 2014

On Facebook today I saw a fairly funny mash-up of pictures based off of one of those "Your [whatever] Name" lists where you pick the halves based on your first and last name and was inspired. So here is the Name Generator - Moon Moon Edition, complete with the list from the picture that inspired it.

As a bonus, you can just generate random names by leaving the first and last name fields blank, generate up to 100 random names by twiddling with the numeric spinner, or create and save your own lists for fun and profit! Well, maybe not profit really....

Deathball Arena

Still powered by Torque 3D 1.1 Pro, this is coming along fairly nicely. There is still the intermittent crash/lockup and the art is still super rough. Here's the download link if you're interested in playing it! This file is executable so some people might have trouble downloading it. If you have problems, it's probably related to User Account Control settings - search for this in your favorite search engine for possible solutions.

Deathball Arena screen shot

The bots use the Universal AI Starter Kit as their base with some minor tweaks to get them to actually try to shoot the ball once in a while.

Since I'm still using the older engine I can't open-source any modifications to it (only a few minor convenience tweaks anyway) and the UAISK isn't mine either. However, for starters it's just that ball model stuck on a RigidShape object and the rest is just triggers for "goalkeeper" modes and such. A note: bots don't seem to be picking up goalkeeper status correctly so they don't get the damage reduction benefit - it's on my fix list....

A Nyan Cat Game

This is a little thing that my daughter and I put together in about four hours in Torque 2D 1.7.6. Here's the download link if you're interested in playing it! This file is a self-extracting .rar file so some people might have trouble downloading it. If you have problems, it's probably related to User Account Control settings - search for this in your favorite search engine for possible solutions.

Nyan Cat Game screen shot

The object of the game is to click Nyan Cat before he (she? it?) gets off the screen. Every time you do this you get a point and Nyan Cat moves a little faster. Every time Nyan Cat escapes you lose a point. Nyan Cat cheats sometimes and I'm not sure why, but don't say I didn't warn you.

The source scripts are included with the game so you can dig around and see how it works. You can even change it or improve it! Have fun!


I took some time this weekend and ported the old TGB version to T2D MIT! Here's the download: Just change that extension to ".zip" and you're good to go. All scripts are included so you can see what I did and how I did it. You should be able to just unzip it and play!

The main menu background is from Thanks!

Donations Gratefully Accepted

I've started a Patreon campaign to help pay site support costs. Donations are gratefully accepted and greatly appreciated.

Vegassparkyrich on Patreon
  • Feb 1, 2014

    I've added a copy of the Torque 3D Documentation to my site. This was a move on my part to alleviate some frustration I was feeling related to being unable to update the Official Documentation with corrections or clarifications to the existing articles. The link is just down a bit from this sidebar item....

  • Mar 2, 2012

    The main menu buttons got a slight style tweak, making the active state more visible and the menu text more legible. This should be the last style adjustment and then it's just a matter of generating several pages of bogus content.

Torque 3D Reference
Torque 3D Online Documentation

This is not the "Official" Torque 3D documentation. This is my personal version. It will have some portions that are newer or have been edited for clarity, and it will have some portions that are very stale. I update the things that I am interested in or that I have seen many questions about on the forums. I will be adding things as I discover new ways to do this or that, or just because I think they're nifty.

Torque 3D Source Reference

Torque 3D 3.7
Torque 3D 3.8

This is a generated document, and as such may not be as helpful as one might hope. However, it is a complete class, namespace, file, and variable reference generated directly from the source and does contain inheritance diagrams (pretty helpful in their own right).

You can always contact with corrections, updates, questions or requests, but be aware that I'm grumpy and don't always answer my email.

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